Welcome to! is an Uptime & Heartbeat monitoring tool with built-in Statuspages.

Types of Monitoring

We support different types of monitoring and they are bundled under 3 sections:


  • Website monitoring HTTP(S)

  • API monitoring HTTP(S)

  • Server monitoring Ping(ICMP)

  • Port monitoring Host/Port


  • Heartbeats / Cronjob monitoring

Domain names

  • Domain expiry monitoring

  • Certificate expiry monitoring (SSL/TLS)

Status pages supports built-in fast, customisable (and brandable) Status pages where you can display the Uptime & response time of different monitors.


Projects are an easiest way to categorize, tag and filter your different monitors, heartbeats, domains and statupages.

Notification Handlers (Integrations) supports different kinds of Notifications and Actions using our Integrations. Currently we support the below Notifications / Integrations:

  • Discord

  • Email

  • Slack

  • Squadcast

  • Telegram

  • Webhooks

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